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Norberto Ávila. “Açórico roteiro abreviado.” In Percurso de poeta.
Lisbon, 2000, pp. 41-69. Translated by Katharine F. Baker & Emanuel Melo PDF icon

“Ilha das Flores, um Mundo de Sonho” – Victor Rui Dores PDF icon

Defoe no Corvo / Defoe on Corvo. Bettencourt, Urbano: Que Paisagem Apagarás. Ponta Delgada: Publiçor, 2010, pp. 43-44. English translation by Katharine F. Baker and Bobby J. Chamberlain, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). Portugal original also published online website PDF icon

“The Pirate from Flamengos,” by Victor Rui Dores
Translated by Katharine F. Baker PDF icon

“São Jorge, the Unknown Island,” by Onésimo Teotónio Almeida. Translated into English by Katharine F. Baker and Bobby J. Chamberlain, Ph.D. Originally published online – 17 Aug 2013  PDF icon

A Story of Portuguese Immigrants in Toronto and a Yellow School Bus ‘Apanhar Minhoca’
Stories gathered by Ralph Blank, U of T (PRT252 – Portuguese Island Culture). December 2015. PDF icon

Immigration to Canada: An interview with an Azorean-Canadian
Interviewer: Anna Yamashita
Interviewee: Filomena Cavaco Yamashita
Toronto, 2016. PDF icon

Melo, Emanuel. “What I should have told my father before he died: A Reflection on loss and redemption: a leaving (Azores) and an arrival (Canada).” Toronto, 2010. PDF icon

Melo, Emanuel. “Coming to Canada.” Toronto, 2008. PDF icon

Melo, Emanuel. “My Life as a Portuguese Newspaper Delivery Guy.” Published in ‘Twas (Toronto World Arts Scene), Volume 8, issue One January/February 2004. PDF icon

Simas, Richard. “Walk Back, Look Ahead, a Chronicle.” Montreal, 2009.PDF icon

Baker, Katharine F. “A Tale of Two Grandchildren: The Quest for My Hidden Azorean Heritage.” Avòs e Migração: Raízes e Identidade. Organização: Manuela Marujo, Departamento de Espanhol e Português/Universidade de Toronto. 5-13 PDF icon

Marques, Domingos and Marujo, Manuela. “Chapter Two: Opening the Door: A Photographic Essay.” With Hardened Hands: A Pictorial History of Portuguese Immigration to Canada in the 1950s. Etobicoke: New Leaf Publications, 1993. Selected Photographs:

  • 26-27. PDF document JPG Image

Pages 26-27

The first large group of men from the Azores to set out for Canada was tendered a reception at the Civil Government House in São Miguel on March 19, 1954. the event was front page news in the two newspapers Correio dos Açores and Açores where this historical photo was first published.

28 28. PDF document JPG Image

Photograph #1 (top):

“Before boarding the S.S. Homeland, A group of Azoreans from Ribiera grande disctrict say farewell.”

Photograph #2 (bottom):

“A group from Horta District – Corvo, Flores, Faial and Pico islands – pose for an official photograph before departing from São Miguel.”

34 34. PDF document JPG Image

“Arrival aboard Olympia, a group of Portuguese from Azores – March 1956.”

46. PDF document JPG Image


“Manuel Trinidade was not alone on this Quebec farm – with him was a herd of 80 cows and six long days of work every week caring for them.”

127. PDF document JPG Image

127 “Just like in Santa Maria, Azores, 3-year-old Eduardo Andrade walks barefoot on a Saskatoon sidewalk.”

Marques, Domingos and Medeiros, João. “Chapter II: Stories Told by the First Immigrants.” Portuguese Immigrants: 25 Years in Canada. Toronto: Marquis Printers and Publishers Inc.,1980. Book Cover

Portuguese Immigrants: 25 Years in Canada

  • Selected Stories:
    • Arruda, Manuel. “Abandonned at the Station.” 56. PDF document
    • Arruda, Manuel. “The First Group from the Azores.” 41. PDF document
    • Trinidade, Manuel. “I felt Obliged to Emigrate to Canada.” 49-50. PDF document
    • Trinidade, Manuel. “My Sweat Ran Into the Bucket.” 69. PDF document

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